Wednesday, August 22

Fun Cup 20 August

The first serious race with my own Fun Cup car was a success. Out of twelve slotracers I was ninth. Morten drove 142.63 'løbs'. Closely followed by HRoar, Michael and Keld. My 'løbs resultat' was 132.42. The avarage laptime was 7.250 (for Morten 6.730). The fastest lap was done by Michael (6.366). My fastest lap was 6.680.

Fun Cup

For the Fun Cup the Racefun club use a Porsche. The body is a toy car of Dickie. The car is built on a Plafit chassis. The motor that is used is a 18 volt motor (a little bit faster than a motor of Carrera). Keld created the Fun Cup car for me. Thanks Keld.

Tuesday, August 7

Second night at the club

I have to practice more. The only excuse I have that I do not have my own car. That will come. Until then I am using cars from others (very kind). I ended as eleventh and last, but I was in one of the stints third.

In the middle lanes I can give a little bit of competition, but in lane seven and eight I lose too much. The only way to become better is to practice a lot. Practice makes perfect. Hopefully also for me.

Sorry Morten...

Excuse me Morten that I broke your car... went faster than me!

Monday, August 6

Racefun in Copenhagen

Just a few days after my arrival in Denmark (where I will stay for four years) I met the guys of Racefun. Until now I was only racing with 1/32 scaled slotcars. On the track of Racefun run 1/24 scalemodels. Keld of Racefun introduced me to the bigger scale of slotcars and I was kindly received by the other clubmembers.
Slotfun in Copenhagen starts here and now.

Krondalvej 7, 2610 Rødovre
Visit the website of Racefun.

Racefun organises slotracing for groups. The club evening is on Monday (from 6.30 pm).